Flexible Blunt Tip Cannula 22 gauge 4 inch (100 ct)


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NEEDLEFLEX 22G- (2 inch) 100 Flexible needle cannula with blunt tip and side hole


(1 box = 50 sterile cannula)


  • Benefit silicone lubrication system for soft injection
  • Indications mesotherapy, filler, injection
  • Length 50mm



Flexible needle cannula with blunt tip and side hole



The balance between flexibility and rigidity. This flexibility allows the practitioner to adapt and control his gesture to avoid pain and without damaging the dermis or underlying tissues.


Needleflex glides beneath the skin without damaging it.


Broad series of cannulas
Nine different sizes carefully selected to match all needs.


Adapted to every medical application
One or more sizes for each area, direction of injection and depth.


Avalaible for all fillers 
Lengths, outside diameters, and internal calibers are suitable to most dermal fillers on the market.


The best proportion between quality and price
Perfect flexibility


Full medical safety
Minimal trauma on tissues thanks to the cannula’s blunt tip.

Needleflex permits to reduce the number of injection sites, which allows less painful treatment for the patient over a wider area.


Thanks to their flexibility and their blunt type, micro cannulas Needleflex reduce the risk of bruises and inflammatory reactions.


Needleflex micro-cannulas are EO sterile and single use medical devices, class II.a, for professional use only


One box contains 100 pcs